Work Samples

Screenshot is a portal for credit optimization that enables its users to make profound real estate financing decisions by rating their banks offers and comparing them with actual market prices. The portal is technically built by liquid-s using the Orchard Content Management System. The advisory cases are saved to a SQL Server Database. The implementation of the credit optimization algorithm was realized in C# using the Microsoft Solver Foundation. The Web Interface uses MVC and JavaScript.

Screenshot Liquid Invest

Risk compliant investment

Based on actual government bond yields and historic performances on shares, the tool proposes a portfolio of bonds and shares according to the personal risk threshold. Also, it provides its users with a bandwidth of possible portfolio returns in the time frame. The tool was developed by liquid-s using Microsoft Silverlight. The bond yields are updated daily by reading information published by the US Departement of Treasury. The historic performance of shares are based on the numbers given by Robert Shiller from Yale University.

Screenshot Pensionskassenkapital

German Tax Calculation

Liberty Vorsorgestiftung uses a Webservice from liquid-s to compare the swiss pension assets in  two situations, either to reinvest the cash withdrawal, net of German income tax, as private assets or to transfer the vested pension benefits to Liberty Foundation for Vested Benefits for deferred withdrawal at a later date. The WebService is implemented as a WCF REST Service running on the liquid-s calculation infrastructure in the cloud.